April 30, 2012

New Card Design

Greetings, fellow fans! The cards are in the process of getting revamped with this brand new design I came up with the last week. Many other things are in progress but not yet ready to be shown, such as the card's back, the jokers (today's Ringmaster artwork will actually be used as a joker), new lyrics selection, and last but not least: the Royal cards! I'm pretty excited about these!

In the meantime, there's no poll this week but you are gladly invited to answer a short and sweet question: among all the movies Cher has starred in, which male co-stars were your favorite? Try to pick up to 4 actors if you can. Thanks, fellow fans!

April 16, 2012

New art: "A Song for the Lonely"

There's only one day left to vote for your favorite "Hell on Wheels" outfit, fellow fans! So far, your choice is almost unanimous! Until the poll closes, you may enjoy the brand new wallpaper made from the artwork for "A Song for the Lonely. Check out the Wallpaper section to grab it.

April 11, 2012

The "Hell on Wheels" poll!

Greetings, fellow fans! The song/outfit selection for the Cher Playing Cards is almost complete! This week we are digging out a roller-disco hit from 1979, "Hell on Wheels", and it needs an outfit!

On the left, we have the outfit from the official music video, which was the first professional video Cher has made in her career! On the right, we have an outfit from a 1979 photoshoot strongly reminiscent of the song's thematic.

Which one is your favorite, fellow fans? Don't waste any minute and cast your vote at the top of the left sidebar!