The Cher Playing Cards is a project of one little fellow who happened to love drawing and listening to the music of one inspiring special diva... a lot! I'm Ïve Bastrash, a young artist from the province of Québec and for whom art has been my calling ever since I picked up my first pencil.

I recently graduated from university and since then I keep myself busy more than ever with a job as a game artist in Toronto (drawing zombies, lots of fun!) and personal projects on my spare time.

This Cher project has been on my mind for over a year now and I am finally able to dive in it assiduously. I've started this blog because many fans on Cher's Facebook page showed a lot of interest in this project. This place is for you to see how it's going, give comments, suggestions, appreciations... So don't be shy. A little tap on the back once in a while is always a good motivation!

P.S.: If you're interested to read and see more about what I do, here's a few links for you:
Visit my website! (www.inkjava.com)
See my blog! (www.lezardfrileux.blogspot.com)
Go to my card shoppe (www.inkjava.com/cardz)