December 19, 2013

Status: printed!

Hey fellow Cher fans! So I'm letting out the secret: I got a few decks of cards printed earlier this season and hopefully Cher will be the first one to see them for real! I sent a package over... Let's wait and see what happens!

November 17, 2013

Dressed To Kill tour!

Here's a sketch (and a roughly coloured version) based on the ad for the Dressed To Kill tour. I will do some experiments for the polishing...

By the way, there's been some major progress on the production of the cards! Things are going great


August 29, 2013

Woman's World Wallpaper!

It's no surprise that Cher got a lot of attention with that stunning look when she performed "Woman's World" on The Voice this last June! Hopefully she will be back with many new outfits as other singles from her upcoming album get released. reported that the tracklist has been announced for the album due late September! Have a look!

Woman's World
Take It Like a Man (featuring Jake Shears)
My Love
Dressed to Kill
Lovers Forever
I Walk Alone
Favourite Scars
I Hope You Find It
Lie to Me
 I Don't Have to Sleep to Dream*
You Haven't Seen the Last of Me*
Woman's World (R3hab Remix)*
Woman's World (Jodie Harsh Radio Remix)*
Will You Wait for Me *

*Deluxe Edition album

Which track title intrigues you the most, fellow fans?

August 22, 2013

Woman's World!

One last sketch for the deck to celebrate "Woman's World"! The music video for the upcoming album's first single has hit the web! Yippeeee! Watch it again and again to boost her numbers up the charts! I know what I will be listening to while colouring this artwork!

The outfit is from her very first public TV appearance this year to perform the single on The Voice. I refer to it as the Mad Max/pink flamenco mash-up. And I love it!!