March 31, 2014

First Poll for D2K!

Here's the first poll to launch the D2K artwork series! Vote for the outfit you would first like to see cartoonized and made into a wallpaper!

#1 is the show's opening gown for Woman's World, a really cool egyptian/peacock mash up. #2 is a Colosseum-borrowed look for the old-time favourite Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves which I'm glad to see again for this new tour. And #3 is a gladiatress attire for Take It Like a Man. When you're ready, the poll is on the left sidebar.

Hopefully, there will be more good quality photos of the other outfits coming up. Otherwise I'll pay good attention when I see her live next week!

March 29, 2014

D2K Launch!

Greetings, fellow Cher fans! It won't be news for you but the one and only Goddess of Pop has finally kicked off the Dressed To Kill tour in North America, which also means lots of new fabulous wigs and gowns to be drawn!

It will be exciting to explore what her new designer Hugh Durant has created for her. I was hoping to avoid articles or photos from her first shows so that the surprise wouldn't be spoiled when I see her in Toronto on April 7, but it's pretty much all I see on my facebook homepage since the tour launched last week, so I might as well start drawing 'em!!

Stay tuned for the first D2K poll this Monday!