October 30, 2011

Take Me Home

It's been a great productive week-end! Plenty of new artworks completed so it's been a hard choice deciding which one to show you today. ...I want to keep some as a surprise too! So here today is the glamorous "Take Me Home" outfit from the Farewell Tour! I'll update the Card Coaster with the new artworks soon.

And for the next entry, it will be a movie theme! I will show you one artwork between "Welcome to Burlesque" and "The Shoop Shoop Song" from the movie Mermaids. You have to vote for the one you want to see and I'll reveal it when I will have 10 votes from blog members! So tell about it to your friends!!! The poll is at the top of the left sidebar.


October 25, 2011

The Disco Hits

Next on the list is disco time! Cher graced the 70's with some good disco songs like "Take Me Home" so I chose the outfit she wore to cover that song during her Farewell Tour and the Vegas show (sketch on the right).

The other sketch is based on a picture from 1978 taken during a photoshoot. Cher has an awesome pose and shows lots of energy on that picture. I really want to recapture it! However, I wasn't sure which song I could pair it with so I scouted my iPod and fell on "Bad Love" this week-end, her last Disco song which she made in 1980 for the movie Foxes. Pretty good song! ...What do you think? Do you have other suggestions?

October 24, 2011

A Different Kind Of Love Song

Just finished the artwork from "Living Proof". I will put it in the Card Coaster soon and I will have more sketches to show you as well. Stay tuned! By the way, I just made myself a twitter account @IveBastrash! Going to sleep now... Goodnight!

October 22, 2011

Living Proof

These are two sketches I did yesterday. The first outfit is from the album cover of Living Proof released in 2011. The second is based on Cher's outfit for the song "Song For The Lonely" during her Farewell Tour which ran from 2002 to 2005.

I'm not sure which song I should pair with the first outfit... Any suggestions? Here's a reminder of some other tracks on that album: "Alive Again", "When The Money's Gone", "A Different Kind Of Love Song", "Love One Another" -and what is that song "The Look"?? Just found out from Wikipedia that it was only released on the Japanese version of the album! Cooool!

Leave your suggestion below!

October 18, 2011

It's the 1st post!

Hey fellow Cher fans! I started this blog so that you can follow the progression of my project: a playing card deck honoring the awesome pop diva that is Cher! Hopefully it can get printed and made available to all of you once it's done, so stay tuned and feel free to comment as much as you like. It would be nice to have lots of "fellow members" following this blog so tell your friends and other fans about it! And don't forget to become a member as well yourself. I'll feed the blog regularly to make it enjoyable for you. There's still lots of work for me ahead so I'll make this short and go back to the sketch pad. I'm looking forward to all your encouragement!

- Ï.