January 30, 2012

For lovelies 'n lil' monsters

I have a little surprise coming for you, fellow fans! A special artwork for the wildly awaited duet... Are you excited for "The Greatest Thing"?

I stumbled upon photographer Terry Richardson's book of Lady Gaga while doing this illustration at the public library. An intimate and inspiring collection of photos that is truly worth the look!

I'll unveil the artwork in three days! Stay tuned and spread the word to all the "lovelies" and "little monsters" you know!

January 28, 2012

New wallpaper: "Take Me Home"

Greetings, fellow fans! Some of you were waiting for the shimmering "Take Me Home" gown as a wallpaper, well here it is!

Noticed any change from the first version posted on this blog? Indeed, there's been some rework done to improve Cher's pose. A few more artworks will get the same treatment later on, but this week-end will be for completing some of the sketches posted earlier. Which outfit are you the most excited to see, fellow fans? 6 are on the way. Time to vote!

January 25, 2012

New art: "Shoop Shoop"

There's a new arrival in the wallpaper section, fellow fans! It's Cher as the quirky 1960's mother playing dress up in the movie Mermaids.

As well, peek at some of the forthcoming artwork in the line up! I have a lot of sketches ready for polishing and coloring, so the poll will be sweet and simple this week: which of these 6 outfit(s) are you looking forward to the most? Here's a few links to find out more about them:
Stay tuned, fellow fans! There's still plenty of Cher art on the way!

January 19, 2012

"All or Nothing" Poll Results

Roll the drums for the latest winner outfit chosen by you, fellow fans! ...the flamboyant hindu princess from the record-breaking Farewell Tour! Cher made the longest concert run in North America with that show which also traveled around the world. It's therefore no wonder that many of the outfits from this show are now well remembered and beloved.

As voted by you in the latest poll, this outfit will be featured and paired with the song "All or Nothing" in the upcoming Cher Playing Cards project. Another good choice, fellow fans! Stay tuned for another poll in the near future. ...Any suggestions?

January 17, 2012

New art: "Just Like Jesse James"

It's your last chance to vote for your favorite "All or Nothing" outfit, fellow fans! The poll ends in just a few hours so spread the word around you if you want to see your outfit win!

You can also drop by the wallpaper section to get the newest arrival: "Just Like Jesse James"! It's the hippie peasant look from the Farewell and Colosseum show as voted by you during the cowboy poll. ...Enjoy!

January 14, 2012

New Art: "Believe"

Another huge hit from Cher to start off the year, fellow fans! After the outfit for"If I Could Turn Back Time" revealed last week, you can now enjoy "Believe"! Ready for you to see in the card coaster and to grab as a wallpaper.

Don't forget to cast your vote for your favorite "All or Nothing" outfit while you're here. There's still a few days left!

January 11, 2012

The "All or Nothing" poll!

The new poll is on, fellow fans! This time it's for "All or Nothing", a favorite from the Believe album which was released in 1999. It has been a recurring song in every concert tour that Cher has made since then, as always through a very eclectic array of outfits as you will see!

1st is the hindu princess look she had for the Farewell Tour between 2002 and 2005. She would arrive on stage accompanied by a gayatri mantra melody and riding nothing less than a big purple elephant. ...! 2nd is the sultan themed outfit that was made for the Colosseum show in Las Vegas. And 3rd is from the music video which showed a mishmash of various clips from the Do You Believe? concert, along with some new footage of Cher wearing the outfit from the show's encore but paired with a red wig instead of the usual silver wig.

Now that you have been acquainted with the outfits, it's time to vote, fellow fans! Which outfit do you prefer for "All or Nothing"? Cast your vote at the top of the left sidebar and stay tune for the results next week!

January 08, 2012

The "Song for the Lonely" results

Through the darkest night
see the light shine bright...

This is pretty much as far as we could get from the barely there see-through fishnet suit from "Turn Back Time"! The bulky winter look has won this week's poll to represent "A Song for the Lonely", followed somewhat closely by one of Bob Mackie's glittery creations for The Farewell Tour. Still, this outfit from the song's music video proves well that Cher can make every possible fashion her own! It might not be the typical Cher look, but her trademark black hair and witty personality still shine through with that funky striped tuque. Another good choice, fellow fans!

Stay tuned for a new poll later this week! ...and probably a new artwork, I believe..!

January 04, 2012

Turn Back Time

Here it is! The notorious outfit from the very controversial "If I Could Turn Back Time" music video! Cher made history with this very revealing attire back in 1989 as MTV banned the video from its network and later decided to play it only after 9PM. It's a song to never forget! Grab the artwork in the wallpaper section and put it on your desktop if you feel a little rebellious today.

And as you do so, take the time to vote for your favorite "Song for the Lonely" outfit! There's one day left before the poll is over. Simply make your choice(s) and vote at the top of the left side bar.

...Happy New Year, fellow fans!