March 27, 2012

New Art: "I Found Someone"

If there's one trademark outfit for Cher, this one would most probably be it. It's been through countless versions ever since its original apparition in the "I Found Someone" music video back in 1987 (the artwork has also been through countless revisions on paper to have the best pose possible for it, but that's another matter). The last time Cher has worn this outfit was no later than in 2010 when she attended the Video Music Awards. She was welcomed on stage with a burst of cheers and applause that night and she got to hand over a trophy to Lady Gaga in her infamous meat dress!

March 21, 2012

New Art: "Last of Me"

This is a major milestone in the Cher Playing Cards project, fellow fans! Yes, this artwork represents Cher's latest award-winning song from the movie Burlesque ("You Haven't Seen the Last of Me"), but the big thing today is that what you are seeing here is the very first completely digitally made Cher artwork! Digital inking, digital colors, from tip to toe (or from wig to heel)! This new Cintiq toy will push the project up a notch once I'm fully acquainted with it. It's an artist's best friend! ...and there's nothing too good to make a Cher project the very best it can be!

March 16, 2012

New art: "Heart of Stone"

After a handful of sketches and different poses, "Heart of Stone" finally gets its artwork! The outfit is from the original music video of the song made in 1990. The single itself has landed in the Top 20 in the United States when it was released and it followed Cher in each ensuing concert tour until her three-year gig at Caesar's Palace in the late 2000's.

You can grab the artwork in the wallpaper section!

March 12, 2012

Upcoming art!

You haven't seen the last of Cher! There are still a few more artworks left to do before jumping to the royal cards (Jack, Queen, King). These are two final sketches done yesterday. The project is going well, fellow fans!

March 04, 2012

Farewell... 'til next week!

Greetings, fellow fans! In recognition to the precious enthusiasm you keep showing for this project, here's a heads-up to let you know that this coming week will be a short break for the Cher Playing Cards blog. But no need to worry, the flow will pick up soon after with more Cher amazement! Many thanks for your continuous support and keep on awaiting the next artworks with great anticipation, as always!

March 01, 2012

Now it's "strong enough"!

Greetings, fellow fans! Some artwork for the playing cards are getting reworked if the need arises, and it seemed the case for "Strong Enough". Therefore, here is Cher with an updated posture that is less likely to clash with the others, and it is also available in the wallpaper section.

As always, stay tuned for more artwork. There's still an avalanche to come!