March 27, 2012

New Art: "I Found Someone"

If there's one trademark outfit for Cher, this one would most probably be it. It's been through countless versions ever since its original apparition in the "I Found Someone" music video back in 1987 (the artwork has also been through countless revisions on paper to have the best pose possible for it, but that's another matter). The last time Cher has worn this outfit was no later than in 2010 when she attended the Video Music Awards. She was welcomed on stage with a burst of cheers and applause that night and she got to hand over a trophy to Lady Gaga in her infamous meat dress!


  1. Great works all around!

    One thing, this outfit originates way back in the 70s, she wore it on the Black Rose performances, and before that on a charity event in 1975 :)!

    Oh, and I just hate it when the media mixes this outfit with the Turn back Time one!

  2. Thanks for the info! I keep on learning new things every day!

    ...It seems to be a common mistake, indeed. They even got me! until I started this project. ;)