December 03, 2011

The "Jesse James" poll

Get ready for the new poll, fellow fans! You get to choose your 2 favorite cowboyesque outfits from Cher's wardrobe to showcase hits such as "Just Like Jesse James" and "A Cowboy's Work is Never Done".

1st we have Cher's dress up for the "Just Like Jesse James" song during the Love Hurts tour in 1992. 2nd was seen on stage in 1980 for a country medley performance during a special show called Celebration at Caesar's Palace. The funky 3rd outfit is from a photoshoot for Malibu Cowboy boots in 2009. And at last, the 4th outfit was used during both Farewell and Colosseum shows to perform various ballad songs.

You'll have to be fast on your guns this week because the poll will run for four days only. So take a glimpse at all choices taken from your suggestions over the last two weeks and cast your vote, fellow fans!

Thanks for all the suggestions that were sent! Head-to-toe picture was a major requirement so some outfits had to be discarded unfortunately...