December 30, 2011

The "Song for the Lonely" poll!

It's the last poll of the year, fellow fans! You have one week to decide which outfit will be paired with Cher's 2001 hit "A Song for the Lonely" from the album Living Proof, her latest so far.

1st is Cher's winter dress up as she walks around the streets of New York in the music video. 2nd, 3rd and 4th are alternate outfits she wore throughout The Farewell Tour -the tour which followed the release of the album Living Proof- to perform the song in the opening segment. And 5th is the outfit she wore at the Colosseum show in Vegas for that song. It was another Farewell outfit for "Song for the Lonely" slightly updated with a new headdress.

Which one of these five compelling Cher outfits will be chosen to embody "A Song for the Lonely"? It's for you to decide, fellow fans! As always, you can vote at the top of the sidebar on the left. The poll runs for one week so make your choice and talk about it to your friends and other Cher fans! ...and stay tuned for new artworks!


  1. I think that among the options would be platinum blond goddess of the clip.

  2. An idea for the "platinum blond goddess":
    But for me the winter dress up is also beautiful.

  3. Unfortunately it's impossible to please everyone... There's still #2 and #3 for a platinum blond look!

    The video left too much to the imagination -showing only the head, shoulders and hands swinging in frame- so I concluded that the Cher-with-dark-hair-'n-winter-gears that shows off head to toe and that takes the whole darn trouble to escalate a whole building up to the rooftop deserved more recognition than the blond head swinging in the video... That said, I still really like the montage you did with the 2002 AMA look! It just wouldn't be fair to make something up when there's so many other outfits from various concert tours to choose from. And it's Bob Mackie stuff! How can we say no to that?!! ;)

    ...If you feel like it, I could use a hand for an upcoming "One by One" poll. We only see the top-half of the outfit in the video... I was going to give it a mini-skirt or that leather skirt-'n-pants combo she wore regularly to promote various songs from the same album.

  4. For "One By One" I think it is easy to solve, the clothes of the music video, was used in the photoshoot for "It's A Mans World".

    I believe that by joining the top of the first outfit with the bottom of the second outfit is exactly the costume of the video.

  5. Perfect! Thank you!
    I believe the next poll will put the two sketches I did against each other (music video / the angel with white hair - I can feel the music video look will win anyhow, fellow conventional fans... ;)

  6. Hi,It's Khau Resina here,well Ïve,in the clip you can see,but it's pretty quick,a little part of the bottom of the outfit and it looks like is a pant,so why don't you make a skinny pant ,it would be perfect.

  7. Cher looks so beautiful and natural in these videos could be used to "One By One poll" as well.

    Watching the music video, in some parts you can see perfectly well that used clothing is the same as the pictures posted above.

  8. What is this CABALLE FAMILY ? Cher have a lot of videos,of her singing to them.

  9. Well... the Caballe family has good music taste! ;)

    Thanks for solving the One by One outfit dilemma! The leather skirt and pants seem to be the smartest option! ...Now let's figure out what the next poll will be about... ;)