January 04, 2012

Turn Back Time

Here it is! The notorious outfit from the very controversial "If I Could Turn Back Time" music video! Cher made history with this very revealing attire back in 1989 as MTV banned the video from its network and later decided to play it only after 9PM. It's a song to never forget! Grab the artwork in the wallpaper section and put it on your desktop if you feel a little rebellious today.

And as you do so, take the time to vote for your favorite "Song for the Lonely" outfit! There's one day left before the poll is over. Simply make your choice(s) and vote at the top of the left side bar.

...Happy New Year, fellow fans!


  1. This costume TBT is simply beautiful.

    Drawings will be made to Alive Again and Love and Understanding?

  2. 'Love and Understanding' is a good song and it seems to be a favorite on many Greatest Hits compilations. ...You can count on it! ;)

    ...'Alive Again' also has good chances of getting in the playing card deck. :) Thanks for inquiring!