February 22, 2012

New concept art

Did you notice that the artwork had changed recently on the top banner? I have been reworking the concept of the playing cards' "wrapping" lately and trying to elaborate a more singular identity to this project. The previous pink and purple scheme seemed too reminiscent of the Farewell Tour merchandising.

For some reason, I am widely inspired by an art deco feel for the Cher Playing Cards. It has a nostalgic touch that can still look fresh and modern if it is well exploited. As for the logo, I was eager to come up with something new as well, while still keeping some kind of familiarity to the previous Cher "identities" from her previous tours and albums. The Cher Show logo has a strong appeal and purity that seemed perfect to start from. I played with it to give it a little cartoony spin, gave some sepia and purplish gray hues to the whole picture, and voilà! We've got a gorgeous look for the Cher Playing Cards!

Just for fun, which of these official Cher logos do you like the most? This time, one choice only! The poll is at the top of the left sidebar...

1 comment:

  1. i didnt like that thing on the top of cher's head...