May 09, 2012

We All Sleep Alone

One of the many new artworks accomplished this past week: this one for the song"We All Sleep Alone"! Cher wore this outfit for the Do You Believe? tour, underneath a full over-the-top (as usual) pirate dress up she would unclothe right after coming on stage.

By the way, the last artworks are ready! Say which one you want to see next: "Perfection", "Hell on Wheels", "I Got You Babe", "Dead Ringer for Love", "Human" or "Main Man"?


  1. "Hell on Wheels"

  2. I got you babe... these are AMAZING love love love these

  3. "Hell on Wheels" or "Human"

  4. I am incredibly curious as to what outfits you might have come up with for "Human". My guess would be all the possible costumes from "Stuck On You". I love the brown wig outfit with the hat from the film. I also enjoy the red haired "Honey" costume. Any of them would do.

    I feel like "Dead Ringer..." would be excellent too. It is a forgotten song and time period.

    PLEASE PLEASE turn all these into actual playing cards you could purchase. Not sure if you could legally do it, but one can dream.