April 13, 2014

Take It Like a Man!

Here's the first artwork from the 2014 D2K tour! It's one of the few songs from her latest album that she performs during the show, and personally it was one of the most enjoyable number. Cher just seems to have a great time trotting across the stage and pushing the dancers away!

The D2K tour is getting rave reviews everywhere and the show in Toronto on April 7 was no exception! Cher was funny, generous, and top-notch on every note, and the stage transforms into a gazillion things from each costume change to the next. It was all rrreally impressive!

For sure it was nice seeing how Cher acted out on stage in each outfit. It gave me a better idea of the pose I should make for my artworks next. Now I can really get started!!

Go to the wallpaper section for Take It Like a Man!


  1. It is great!!! I love it!!! Bravooooo!!! I cant wait to se the new one!!! But let me be honest about something.. I just hait the way that you have made the hair!! :/ but I love it :* <3

    1. Jeez, such heavy words. Well I try... Anyway, thanks anonymous... I guess? :/

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