April 20, 2014

Poll #2 for the D2K Tour!

Greetings, fellow fans! Here's a couple sketches for five outfits from the D2K show. I will need your votes to determine which one I will polish next! The tour is coming to my hometown next week-end so I'll be traveling a bit to catch it a second time. It will be exciting to see what changes have come out from the tour's current short break since April 12! Starting this Wednesday it will introduce Cindy Lauper as the special guest, following Pat Benatar and husband Neil Giraldo who did the first 13 dates.

So, the contenders for the second D2K artwork are: #1 ballad-segment Cher (or the Jesse James is Walking in Memphis with a Heart of Stone outfit, pick your favourite), #2 the eponymous Dressed to Kill Cher, #3 Gypsy Cher, #4 Woman's World Cher (or Peacock goddess), and #5 the grand finale's Hopeful Cher (or the I Hope You Find It outfit).

I hope to get started on the next artwork soon! It will be sometime after I come back from the Ottawa show next week-end, but I'll try to have some new sketches done in the meantime. Until then, time to vote! The poll is in the left sidebar in case you haven't seen it.



  1. ive ... plz...cher is going to have a brand new costune and u havent made new images since may... plz continue :*

  2. 1, 3 and 5.
    There are rumors that there will be new album in 2017, you still doing wallpapers?
    I would love to see these outfits.